Ihor and Vasyl with Marusia – Ukrainian Folk Songs (LP)

19??, Ukrainian Records – UKS 5022 (LP) Ihor and Vasyl with Marusia – Ukrainian Folk Songs / Ігор і Василь з Марусею – Українські народні пісні

1. Ой гиля, гиля (By The Pond) – Ihor and Marucia
A lamenting love song.
2. Посаджу я рожу (Foresaken Rose) – Ihor, Vasyl and Marucia
A young couple deeply in love are forced to part
3. Верховина (Verhovina). Instrumental polka
A rousing melody from the mountainous region of Western Ukraine.
4. Як я ішов (Walking By Your Window) – Marucia and Ihor
One evening a youth goes for a walk and spies on his girlfriend who is with another man.
5. Чіп чіп чу-ру-ру (Chick Polka) – Ihor and Marucia
A mean old woman who decides to get rich by raising chicks, encounters misfortune.
6. Ходи до дівчини (Lovers’ Parting Words) – Ihor, Vasyl and Marucia
A young Cossack returns after battle to a former sweetheart who then rejects him.
7. Ой ти дівчино молодая (Forget Me Maiden) – Marucia
A beautiful song from the province of Volhynia.
8. Чумак (Chumak)
Whip dance, Instrumental.
9. Вже більше літ двісті (Over 200 Years) – Ihor, Vasyl and Marucia
Historically the Cossacks were Ukrainian free soldiers who defended their people. They were hated, and sometimes bribed by the powers surrounding Ukraine. The Russian Tzars outlawed the Cossacks for years and finally disbanded and exiled them in the early 18th century; thus they have been in exile for over 200 years and hope for good fortune to free them.
10. Червона рожа (Chervona Rozha) – Vasyl and Marucia
A folk song about a drinking, lazy husband.
11. Ой нe ходи Грицю на вечерниці (George, do not flirt)
Instrumental polka
12. Глибока криниця (Wishing Well) – Ihor and Marucia
A maiden hopes to see the reflection of herself with her lover upon looking into the wishing well.

Ihor – Bill Scherbatiuk: Vocal, Electric quitar, Cymbaly
Vasyl – Bill Zulak: Vocal, Violin, Mandolin
Marusia – Anne Scherbatiuk (Anne Tleskach): Vocal, Guitar
Roger Oleksiw: Drums
Jeff Komar: Accrodion
Steve Gembarsky: Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar
Recorded at Century 21 Studios


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