Mickey and Bunny – This Land Is Your Land (LP 1964)

1964, V Records ‎– LP-3005 (LP) Mickey and Bunny – This Land Is Your Land / Мікі і Банні – Ця земля – твоя земля

1. This Land Is Your Land
2. Out Behind The Barn
3. I Want To Be Loved
4. The Bashful Lover
5. Making Believe
6. Toomba
7. Cigareetes, Whiskey, Wild Women
8. One Week Later
9. Beautiful Brown Eyes
10. Rich Girl, Poor Boy
11. I Get So Lonely
12. Roses Are Blooming

Дует “Мікі і Банні” / Mickey and Bunny (Канада): Modest Sklepowich and Orysia Evanchuk (Модест Склепович і Орися Іванчук)
A & R Mickey Sheppard Recorded At Studio Star
Manufactured and Distributed by: V Records LTD., Winnipeg, Manitoba


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